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July 29th, 2010 -> read more
BLANCHARD PROUDLY ANNOUNCES Blanchard Daze  “Country Style”…

One of the most valuable assets a community can have is it’s people. A community is only as good as those who live within it. As the saying goes, “It’s what’s inside that counts” and the community of Blanchard is a testament to that statement. Extraordinary people, like Mae Cannon are at the heart of making Blanchard a great place to live.
Mae’s “never give up” attitude and positive outlook is the reason that she was chosen as the grand marshal for the 2010 Blanchard Daze Celebration scheduled for August 13th and 14th. This year’s theme, “Blanchard Daze, Country Style” is a fitting tribute to her good ‘ol fashion country beliefs and lifestyle. Mae’s “country style” is reflected in her contentment for simple country things and gentle ways.

Mae Evalee Miller was born in Priest River, Idaho and was raised on a family farm purchased a month before her birth in 1938.
She was the fourth of five siblings, having two sisters and two brothers. Mae and her siblings grew up in a religious atmosphere, attending church regularly and raised by a mother who believed strongly in the power of prayer and love. Music was also an important part of their upbringing. The family sang in talent shows and carried the harmony for their church in Priest River. As a young girl Mae had an interest in singing, girl scouts, and, of course, boys.

Mae was married twice and had three children, Dawn, Jan and Ted with her first husband, Cliff. She married Jack Cannon in 1965 and acquired his two daughters, Becky and Vicky. Jack and Mae enjoyed a wonderful marriage for 41 years. They settled in Coeur d’Alene soon after they married and opened J and M Auto Body Shop which they owned and operated for 32 years.
In addition to hard work, Jack shared Mae’s passion for music. He was a great harmonica and steel guitar player. He taught Mae to play the guitar and together they started the Cannon Family Band and played at the Ivalee Dance Hall for 7 years. After the children were grown, Mae and Jack started, “Juanita and Friends”, a band that continued for over 20 years. They entertained at many community functions and volunteered their musical services at senior centers and charity events. Mae and Jack were active in Campfire Girls for several years. Jack built a float that was used for many years in Campfire parades.
-> read more

April 9th, 2010 -> read more
Blanchard Crime Stoppers MeetingBonner County Sheriff Deputy James Cotter and Deputy Michael Miracle discussed ways to protect yourself and property against crime.  They also talked about the recent burglaries in the Blanchard area. There is an on-going investigation and they do have suspects but declined to discuss details of the cases for obvious reasons.  There are discrepancies in the number of burglaries as reported by the deputies, the sheriff’s department and the count that Blanchard compiled.  All of the burglaries may not have been reported so they would not be in the Sheriff’s computer data base.  (A list of occurrences was given to the deputies after the meeting that indicated a higher number than was talked about during the meeting. Three days after the meeting another burglary took place in the Blanchard area)

February 20th, 2010
DRAWING & PAINTING FROM A LIVE MODEL at the Blanchard Community Center
When: February 20th 2010 (model in vintage Hollywood robe). Also March 6th (we will have a belly dancer in costume), April 17 (we will have a yoga instructor doing yoga poses), May 15th (we will have a very pregnant young woman), and June 19th. All sessions are from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Where: The Blanchard Community Center, 685 Rusho Lane, Blanchard Idaho. Call 208 437 4072 for directions, if you don't already know how to get there.

How much: $10.00 for 4 hours of drawing and/or painting. This money pays for the Center use and for the hard working model.

Who: a bunch of well meaning people who want to keep the arts alive for those who choose to come. We offer some instruction for those who want it, but join us for the fun and the opportunity to work with artists of different levels who are using different materials.

You will need to bring a lunch. We usually have coffee made. You need to bring your own materials. And if you are coming for the first time you will want to arrive early to meet everyone and find out what we are about. Our Center is a large space and has a good cleanup area. Our arts program is 3 years old now and we are offering more and more sessions, workshops and classes every year.

Thank you and please feel free to call me at the number above if you are interested in any one of our offerings. Also if you plan to attend please let me know in advance. Clancie Pleasants

February 4th, 2010
Heritage Makers Comes to Blanchard Community Center

Heritage Makers Storybooking will be demonstrated and made available to all for free

Alicia Burgett, Personal Publishing Consultant for Heritage Makers, will be available at the Blanchard Community Center, 685 Rusho Road, on Thursday, February 11, at 7 PM to discuss and demonstrate the value of  “storybooking”  for all ages. 

"Through the power of Story, our influence can outlive us."...Dr. Sharon Murdoch

Heritage Makers’ unique concept of storybooking continues to grab attention from people everywhere.  The company and its consultants teach others how to preserve their heritage through its all-inclusive website.  The online program allows clients to personally design books, cards, calendars, gallery-wrapped canvases, and more that highlight their families and friends.


Heritage Makers’ goal is to build lasting legacies of family heritage by creating, celebrating, and perpetuating family heroes, traditions, values, memories, and commitments. Through the power of story, each individual can strengthen the home and family and boost children’s confidence.

In a world where the importance of values is decreasing, Heritage Makers strives to encourage family unity by providing heritage-enriching products. Heritage is the strength of family and the source of individual worth, which in turn are the foundation of society and the basis for hope for a better world.  This is the Vision of Heritage Makers.


A demonstration of the online Studio as well as the use of the Kodak high-speed scanner (for preserving old photos) will be included in the program. Contact the Blanchard Community Center at 208 437-1037 for more information on this free program.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

Recycling: The Blanchard Community Center recycles used printer ink cartridges as well as gently used clothing. Additionally, we seek garage sale and auction items for our fund raising events throughout the entire year. Please help by donating today!
Call Barb at (208) 437-4480 or Center at (208) 437-1037

The Food Bank/Thrift Store in Oldtown is in need of a new location immediately!
They have no place to go and they serve a community in need. If you know of a new home for them, or if you have something to offer, please call 437-0143 as soon as possible. They are located in Oldtown, even though they have a Priest River address. I know there is a solution out there, we just have to find it and make the connection. Thanks for your help, Chris
Their mailing address is: West Bonner Food Bank PO Box 1088 Priest River, Idaho 83856

-> print

There is a discussion (just beginning) about offering bus service to Blanchard. It is already being offered in Athol, so this would be a continuation of that line. Before the discussion can proceed, we need to have the following survey filled out by as many people as possible. You can send your response to me or to Michelle Porter at . All responses will be kept 100% confidential. If you have questions, or want to fill out and send in a hard copy of this survey, call Michelle at 208 561-1123. Thanks for your help!

For the town of Blanchard-

1. Are you in need of transportation?
Do people give you rides places or do you have your own vehicle?

2. Check one: Is your personal income
$12,000 or less a year?
$15,000. or less a year?
$24,000 or less a year?
$25,000 or more a year?

3. Would you like to ride a bus coming through town with a set schedule?
Would you prefer to take a taxi?
Would you prefer a carpool?

4. If you take transportation often what city do you go to most often?

5. If you could only afford to take transportation once a week, what city/destination would you go to most often?

6. Do you use a wheelchair or do you know someone who uses a wheelchair?

7. If a ride share program were to be available in your town, would you be available to volunteer your time to help organize or maintain the program?

8. If you could receive a voucher (credit towards reimbursing the driver or provider for your ride) worth $45.00 a week/ $180.00 a month to use to give a taxi, bus, or friend, would you prefer to (please circle the option you would prefer most)

* give that money to a taxi that comes to your town?

* A friend?

* A bus that has a fixed route through your town?

9. If you received a gas voucher, please explain how would it be helpful to you.
If no, please explain why it would not be helpful to you.

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